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Chain Saw Sharpener Tooth Stop

Replacement tooth stop assembly for Harbor Freights Chainsaw Sharper. I purchased one of their sharpeners and found it wasn't too bad but the tooth stop was really sloppy and inconsistent in locating the saw tooth for sharpening. I designed this new assembly to easily replace the original tooth stop. Made in the USA of billet aluminum. It ships all preassembled as shown in the third photo. All you need to do is remove the screw and washer holding the original assembly, remove the assembly and disconnect the spring. You will reconnect the spring with the new assembly and attach with the longer screw provided. Should install within a minute. Makes the chain sharpener a nice piece of equipment.

Available Options:
HEI 80101 Harbor Freight Replacement Tooth Stop; EBay item 231698246730 $20.00 Qty: