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Use this Aerator Wrench to remove certain kitchen and bathroom sink faucet aerators. This specialty tool allows the Professional Plumber or weekend Do it Yourselfer to remove and replace aerators clogged with hard water deposits.

  • This tool is made of steel rather than the cheap plastic provided with your faucet.

  • The tool has 8 spanner notches with the major diameter at 0.714 and minor diameter of 0.650 inches and about 3 inches long.

  • The long knurled handle makes for easy removal of tough corroded aerators.

  • Note; For easier removal next time, do not over tighten.


Available Options:
AER688BRS Aerator Removal Wrench (Brass) $22.50 Qty:
AER688STL Aerator Removal Wrench (Steel); EBay item nnumber 232241230922 $12.50 Qty: