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Key Points about the Model 21000 Lighted Interchangeable Hitchcover:

  • Does not need to be removed to ball mount for towing. Only exchange the Lighted image plate with the White Light which is provided.
  • The Lighted Interchangeable Hitchcover and Lighted Image Plates can be secured with the lock provided.
  • The Lighted Image Plates give off a nice even glow which can be seen clearly in poor light but does not create so much light to be offensive to others following.
  • The Interchangeable Lighted Hitchframe has Left and Right Turn Signals and Brake Light incorporated in the Red frame. This is included for safety that if someone is following you and has their attention on your Lighted Image Plate, they will be alerted to any turns or stops you will be making.
  • You can collect many different image plates and exchange quickly and easily as you desire.
  • Custom Lighted Image Plates can me made at very little extra cost. Take a digital picture of your favorite pet and we can put it into a Lighted Image Plate for you.

This model is designed for mounting over the outside of a hitch receiver with a 2 inch square hole.

  • Make sure you have the proper clearances to accept this mounting from the diagram below:

See our Assembly Instructions

Using with our Lighted Image Plates:

  • The Lighted Image Plates slide in from the right to the left. Make sure the electrical contact is at the top left of the back.
  • Removal of the Lighted Image Plates are done by depressing the Thumb Latch on the right side of where the Light Image Plate is ed while pushing the Lighted Image Plate using the thumb access hole located behind the bottom left corner of the Red Lens.
  • Keep the Interchangeable Hitchframe and the Lighted Image Plates clean and dry as possible. Although our Hitchcover is designed to tolerate some degree of moisture from rain and road spray, avoid prolonged exposure without periods of drying and DO NOT IMMERSE UNIT. Remove entire unit if you plan on launching a boat and believe the unit will come in contact with the water.
  • Placing the provided lock into the Lighted Image Plate Thumb Latch will lock the entire assembly to the receiver as long as there is a Lighted Image Plate installed.

Towing a trailer while our Lighted Interchangeable Hitchcover is installed:

  • Remove any Lighted Image Plate which may be currently installed.
  • the special White Light Plate which has a square hole in it.
  • your desired ball mount through the hole of the special White Light Plate and into the receiver as you normally would. Make sure the ball mount does not come in contact with the Lighted Interchangeable Hitchframe or the White Light Plate.
  • Using the provided Hitchpin and Lock, you can lock your ball mount into your receiver and this will also prevent the theft of your Lighted Interchangeable Hitchframe and White Light Plate.
  • Using the provided 18 inch Y connector cord, you can plug both your trailer and the Interchangeable Lighted Hitchframe into your vehicles trailer light receptacle. (You may need an adapter which is not provided) Plugging in the Lighted Interchangeable Hitchcover while towing will

Allow a small gentle glow of illumination to light up your hitch coupling area. As long as you are towing a trailer, the White Light should not cause any distractions or be noticed by those following.